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  • Koala update: Three years.

    Koala, if you’ll wait patiently over there a minute (ha) while I tell the future parents/new parents a little secret: One thing I’ve learned this past year is that the ‘terrible twos’ is a misnomer. The alleged phase starts way earlier than two, and by the time that two is turning into a three, it’s […]

  • Koala update: Twenty one months.

    I’m having a hard time believing we’re three months to two-years-old. I’m having a harder time believing we’re three months to two children. It’s a really great time for Koala lately. The teeth are in, the whining has been at a minimum, we’ve learned more about identifying his moods, words, wants and needs to avoid […]

  • First Australian… trip.

    We’ve left Israel and arrived in Australia (253465 hours later). Don’t you think the sign should have been a koala?

  • Koala update: Nine months.

    At this point, the growing happens behind my back or out of the corner of my eye… I have to catch it when I can. Kind of like I’ve had to do since Koala discovered the stairs two weeks ago. From the kitchen, I can suddenly turn around and see that Koala is reaching under […]