Is this Lag-pocalypse? Fire safety events in Israel for Lag Ba’Omer

Are you an Anglo immigrant? Is it sometime around April/May? Have all the branches/wooden planks/crates been mysteriously removed from your neighborhood? It’s time for the Lag Ba’Omer nag! Nah. This year I have some praise. Turns out fire departments across the country (or maybe just one in Bet Shemesh) have taken on performing a fire […]

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Do Israeli kids ever learn the fire safety lesson?

The answer, sadly, is no. There is an unhealthy Israeli-Jewish obsession with fire in the springtime. It starts today – with Biyur Chametz, the burning of chametz, which is done on erev Pessach. Soon will be Yom Haatzmaut – the national barbecue bonanza, and after that, Lag B’omer, which pretty much celebrates bonfires the way it’s done here. […]