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  • Searching Naftali Benn- oof, go home, Bibi, you’re drunk.

    Wow. So, this just happened. Heard HaBayit HaYehudi front runner Naftali Bennett got snotty on his Facebook page today, so I went to check it out. Typed out his name and – Oh, hello, Bibi Netanyahu. You crashed yet another party. Living your meme, much? Or are you a lil afraid you will one day…

  • Shimon Peres’ writing on the Wall.

    Is there anything this cutie can’t do to make us smile? Now that he’s Mr. President – and finally found a job he fits – Shimon Peres just keeps getting better and better. Like when I watched him interviewed by Barbra Walters on The View last month… (?!) Now he’s gone and seen the writing…

  • Pedo-grahams.

    I know this is weird, but I realized this weekend that this: …reminds me of this: Too much time on the interknots.