Leftover Chanukah gelt: the shnekel.

I saw the brand-new two shekel coin today.

Shnekel Shnekel

There’s already a group on Facebook petitioning everyone to dub the coin the “shnekel” or “שנקל”. Well, why not? It’s shnei shkalim (two shekels).
Not only that, but the shnekel has it’s own website, too: www.shnekel.org

I guess this it’ll make it easier at those כל פריט ב2 שקל stores.

Nu, how much money?

Mazal tov! Here is a genius website I have to share, for Israeli celebration-goers in doubt of how much of a gift to give (Hebrew-only): KamaKesef?

My favorite part is that the ‘submit’ button says, “Nu, kama kesef?’


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