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13 life lessons my kids taught me in 2013

Though I’m not really one for the Gregorian calendar’s drunken marking of a new set of 365 days, I am one for lists. (They are a relatively inexpensive way to help keep me sane.) As far as this list goes: Whether they mean to or not, my kids have plenty of life lessons to offer […]

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Looking for a New Year’s resolution?

Are you already so totally awesome, you haven’t been able to come up with a way to be an even better person this year? If you’re seeking out a new year’s resolution during these עשרת ימי תשובה and are at a complete loss, Ariella Barker  is here to offer a new idea. Served up in […]

lizrael update

A futuristic lizrael update.

Lots of people are talking about ringing in a new year – at work, in the news, on the party scene. I’m not much of a New Years gal, but it seems 2008 holds a bunch of new experiences for me, before it’s even begun. The year starts for me with recognizing the fact that […]