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  • You’re doing it wrong.

    Hey, Pumpface. I think you’re doing it wrong.

  • Baby boy boob-envy.

    Thought: would ‘feminism for guys’ just be called… chauvinism? Lately my son has taken an interest in my, uh, baby-feeders (Ima, boobs!) and so I indulge him in thinking, yes, you too can ‘feed’ Baby Dora. It gets complicated when he wants to feed Bebe though. But today, he wanted to take it a step…

  • Good bras, good nursing.

    Since having children, I have been on a journey. It’s not quite spiritual, but certainly challenging. It’s about… finding the best nursing bras.┬áSeriously, what’s the deal? At least half the women in this country breastfeed, yet it’s fairly difficult to find good quality nursing bras here. Forget the malls – Intima and the like have…