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Fifty-Two Frames: Portrait of a Stranger.

My latest family-abroad visit is coming to an end. It gets harder to leave every time. For this week’s photo, I submitted a shot I took when visiting the 9/11 memorial on Ground Zero in New York City. Thousands of strangers. Thousands of names. No one to ask whether I could take their picture… Just […]

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Oh, THAT’S what the Israeli summer protests were about.

Is Ynet even trying? Did they ever? Always good for a laugh, whatever the case. I still don’t know where I stand with Israel’s summer 2011 socio-economic national protest. That’s because I still don’t know where it stands. But, nonetheless, I think we can all agree: You can’t find good shwarma in New York City. […]

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Me and Irene.

Our trip to New York City is down to its last 24 hours. It was too short, and I’m not just saying that because it’s always too short. It was actually on the short side. But, alas. We spent the weekend with Irene, same as the millions of other peeps across the East Coast. I […]

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Who needs aliyah?

Why bother making aliyah from New York City? In the span of four days, I’ve managed to: pass the Holon Grocery, find a metapelet originating from Ein Karem, drive behind a טוב טעם truck. What’s next? Also, I suppose it’s logical that my son’s first exposure to fast food was today in his American daycare […]