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  • Double Oreo Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes… yes I did.

    This. I did this. Two Oreo cookies. A whole buncha peanut butter. Brownie mix. Sandwiched, layered, gooped. Muffin pan. Oven for 25 or so. Freakin. Yes. My thoughts post-operation: Might have been better with soft Oreos, so if you live in the States and have access, go for it. Next time I might dip the […]

  • Brand new Bamba for the same old Sabra.

    Last week someone introduced me to a brand new concept for the makers of a very old concept: Nougat cream filled-Bamba. Bamba has been around for decades, having been created by Israelis for Israelis. I suppose that’s why its maker, Osem, decided to issue a brand-new flavor around the time of Israel’s 60th birthday. It’s […]