52Frames: Self Portrait

Week 1: Self Portrait

Challenge Accepted
Hi. I’m Liz.

2014 was an intense year. I was pregnant with my 3rd kid. I left my work-from-home job the last month of pregnancy. I birthed to my kickass daughter. Took her on a job interview. Started a new job the same week a war started. Became Marketing Director at a startup. Began getting dressed in the morning to arrive at an office.

Managed to make it to 2015 juggling my huz, my 3 kids, new job, community, blog, everything else I make work and…. 52 Frames. Somehow, I never missed a week.


Fifty-Two Frames: Macro

This was a learning week. Learned something new about my camera. I took a LOT of shots of a LOT of different subjects and I didn’t want to go with another flower or fruit… Took way better shots than this but this is what I felt in the end. BUT I learned so much about the technique and am grateful.

Week 41: Macro

It might not look like it here, but I learned a lot this week.