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Like the Rabbanut… on Facebook.

A couple months ago, out in Jerusalem, we noticed that kashrut certificates for restaurants seem to have been updated: Hmmm… I didn’t even see it at first, but that ubiquitous blue F doesn’t stay out of your eyesight for too long. The Jerusalem Rabbanut on Facebook – how kosher can that be? So – would […]

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In appreciation of צהר, or small windows.

I attended a secular wedding last night; if it wasn’t my first Israeli secular wedding, then I have only been to one or two before this. The secular Israeli wedding is something I don’t fully grasp. A Jewish wedding is so chock full of beautiful, wacky and wild traditions, why not have that be a […]

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Offering my wedding wares.

I was remembering my wedding – how long six months can feel, how quick six hours can pass… How I missed the people who weren’t there, but moreso, how I enjoyed the people who made it to be there… It occurs to me, since I like giving advice – actually, passing on knowledge (maybe it’s […]