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  • Israeli Children’s Book of the Day: Rain Edition.

    Brought to you by: המטריה הגדולה של אבא

  • Ashkelon: city of love…

    …or at least, 24 hours of comfortable R&R. Last week the huz and I snuck away for an overnight at a hotel on the beach in Ashkelon… since Bubbe is in town. Well, come on; it’s not all luna parks and kassams:

  • Favorite kind of Friday.

    It hasn’t rained enough in Israel this winter, but when it has rained – it’s really, really rained. Which is just perfect on a Friday when you’re home, cozy, coming off the baby furniture high from the day before, and your husband knows how to make homemade chai lattes.  Of course, we’re always hoping for […]

  • Rain, rain, come our way.

    Jerusalemites are celebrating the rain that began as a lightning show last night. I woke up just now to pleasantly discover that it’s still going. We’ve had a bad winter so far this year, the kind where everyone – to an annoying degree – talks about how terrible the situation is and starts judging each […]

  • Hebrew-speaking dogs.

    I’m sitting on my couch and I hear a scratch at the door. My first thought is, did a jackal from the forest across the street come all the way upstairs to haunt me? My second thought is, it does, however, sound like a dog. After peeping through the door, I realized it was a […]