Bomb shelter things.

Live, from my bomb shelter. Sorry the selfie didn’t come out. #nofilter

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What we learned at kindergarten today.

“So what happened at gan today? Did everyone like your new backpack?” “Yep.” “What did you eat for lunch?” “שעועית” “Beans? And?” “Pasta.” “Beans and pasta!” “And shnitzel. Shnitzel shnitzel shnitzel.” “What else happened in gan today?” The thing about pretending everything is fine, that we have to keep acting ‘normal’ so the terrorists don’t […]

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FYI: Ways to help and donate to citizens of south Israel and IDF soldiers

Groups are starting to collect goods and supplies for both people stuck in bomb shelters in the south, and reserve soldiers stuck at the border of Gaza, waiting for the next move. You can see the original Facebook event post here, and below. Personally, I’m trying to collect in Tzur Hadassah (if you’re local and […]