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  • Video marketing: so you *can* teach an old man new tricks

    I watched a lot of videos tonight. And they all made me happy. But none so happy as this: Ex-President of Israel (and ex-every other job) Shimon Peres goes job hunting. I’m extra happy there are subtitles so you can enjoy if you’re not from around here.

  • #tomorrow13: The missing demographic; the outsiders left further out

    #tomorrow13: The missing demographic; the outsiders left further out

    From the first couple hours I spent at the Israeli Presidential Conference on Wednesday, throughout the end of my attendance today, I had a nagging thought I couldn’t shake. Someone was missing. I had the same thought last year, when it was awkwardly clear there were barely any women speaking (though the ones who did […]

  • #tomorrow13: Bill Clinton on Israel, peace, and how to change Us vs Them

    Another year, President Shimon Peres turns 90, and we join together for the fifth¬†Israeli Presidential Conference. I know there’s quite a bit of criticism and controversy when it comes to the event. It comes from a good place but there are also good questions to ask about who isn’t present and what isn’t said. But […]

  • #tomorrow12: Bloggers Q&A with Shimon Peres

    I’m the one who videoed the entire Q&A session that President Shimon Peres gave us bloggers at the Israel Presidents Conference today. Below is the whole uncut video, but below that are quotes from the topics discussed. (I’ll try and update when I splice it by topic.) I was a bit disappointed the questions all […]

  • #tomorrow12: Ayaan Hirsi-Ali speaks about the true Arab Muslim revolution.

    Hello from the back of the plenary session on Day 2 of the Israel Presidents Conference, Tomorrow 2012, with our gracious and ever-activist host, Shimon Peres. I’m huddled with (real) press members in the back after explaining sheepishly¬†excitedly to a The Marker reporter that I’m a blogger (and, uh, former journalist). The first perspective I’m […]

  • Shimon Peres’ writing on the Wall.

    Is there anything this cutie can’t do to make us smile? Now that he’s Mr. President – and finally found a job he fits – Shimon Peres just keeps getting better and better. Like when I watched him interviewed by Barbra Walters on The View last month… (?!) Now he’s gone and seen the writing […]

  • Chilling with the presidents: Peres conference overview.

    I was fortunate enough to score an invite to President Shimon Peres’ Facing Tomorrow: Israeli Presidential Conference, which went down over the last three days in the ICC. It soon became clear that the opening panel of the first night was the crux of the event, at least for me, holding more importance than President […]