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  • Sex and the Holy City…

    …and I’m not referring to Israeli TV show Srugim, although from what I’ve heard, maybe I should be. Riding on the bus through town today, I spotted this piece of culture sunbathing with all the rubble of the Yaffo – light rail construction site: The Kama Sutra in Hebrew. Even Jerusalemites need a few new […]

  • Katamon drama: Not just for new olim anymore.

    I’ve come to respect homemade Israeli television. It’s creative, it’s bizarre, it’s actually pretty good sometimes. Hey, there’s a reason why Jews rule Hollywood, right? Here’s the latest from Yes, coming to a televisia near you: סרוגים (as in, kippa sruga, or the yarmulke associated with the dati-leumi universe), a drama about the religious dating […]