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  • Was it you?

    Cooped up in my office tower these last months, I’ve missed wandering the streets and stumbling upon Israeli/Jerusalem street art/graffiti. And for a while now, I too have been wondering: Who moved my chair?

  • Tibet is Jerusalem street art? Really?

    Hmm. I don’t know about that. I realize many secular post-army Israelis like to travel across the Far East, but comparing Israel to Tibet is a bit far off… Even politically.

  • Trogdor, the Jerusalem Burninator!

    Now, I know there are a ton of Anglos in Jerusalem… and lots of street artists… but I never expected to walk through the center of Katamon and find this: I was following Homestar Runner back in college. The SB email in which Trogdor the Burninator was born is a classic… Which is why worlds…

  • Serious message from the streets of Jerusalem…

    A serious message from the streets of Jerusalem: The Hebrew alphabet is written out with every third letter underlined and the message below is “One out of three women are raped…” Eerie in any language.

  • It's also how babies are made.

    A friend of my husband comes to Israel every once in a while and takes pleasure in his hobby of street arting Jerusalem. He comes equipped with a message and a talent. Thankfully, he also has a sense of humor: The Hebrew reads: “HaNitzachon HaAmiti” or, “The true victory” and the graphic is… well, you…

  • Die lucky bush.

    This one had us laughing when we realized what it meant: I’m not going to give it away… Read it really fast… And think in Hebrew. Don’t get it? Here it is in literal English: “Enough of the conquering.” A highly political message, but well done.

  • Soldiers are not cookies!

    The first time I saw this one, it was Cookie Monster that caught my eye, of course. But the phrasing below His Munchiness is anything but yummy:  “Soldiers are not cookies.” No, they are not. You can’t consume your own 18-21 year-old population like Cookie Monster devours his cookies. They are also not trash, that…

  • The Atari of Jerusalem.

    If you live in, or even visit Jerusalem, you can’t help but come across some very – creative – street art. It’s taken pretty seriously and also not seriously. Personally, I think street art is the new bumper sticker as far as Israeli political/social expression. Unless, of course, it’s just meant for smiles. Here it…