Tzur Hadassah gets… sexy?

Check out this headline:

Police bust cocaine lab in suburban Jerusalem

Bet you’d never have guessed where in ‘suburban Jerusalem’ that took place if the subject hadn’t contained a big hint…

Jerusalem police announced Thursday that they had busted a cocaine lab operating out of an apartment in the suburban community of Tsur Hadassah.

Police uncovered 15 kilograms of cocaine at the apartment. (jPost)

I suppose to be more accurate, it’s Tzur Hadassah getting sleazy, not sexy. But without happenings like this we wouldn’t have the show Weeds, now would we?

Have a wonderful holiday of hidden miracles.

Here’s what I love about it being Purim in Israel and being a part of an Israeli community: Coming home after a seuda with new friends (including 342674 kids) and then finding Mishloach Manot at your doorstep –
Mishloach Manot

I guess you could say it’s a hidden miracle that we come to Israel single and adventurous and within three years, we end up married, suburban and combating baby spit at a tea party on a Friday afternoon.

Happy Purim!