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  • Sukkot: Shake well.

    Cute video tribute to Sukkot, a completely underrated holiday outside of Israel…¬†Also, chocolate milk in Israel is pretty awesome, too. Not a big fan of all the Glee-tastic music videos that come out around the Jewish holidays. This though, made me smile. Good job, Yosef.

  • Presenting: the sukka boat.

    Like the water? Even on Sukkot? No problem. You can build a giant sukka on a giant boat: Big boat… …big sukka. Found on the Herziliya marina yesterday.

  • Birkat Kohanim at the kotel.

    I had never seen it, and my dad is of the priestly persuasion, so the three of us went down to the kotel in the Old City yesterday to hear/see/be present at the ginormous Birkat Kohanim for chol hamoed Sukkot. Birkat Kohanim – known as ‘duchaning’ in Ashkenaz circles – is like a representation of…

  • And a happy 'queer rite of Jews' to you.

    Because I already have posted my past homemade sukkot, New York and ghetto Israeli style, I figured I’d post my first own semi-respectable Tzur Hadassah sukka: Spacious because we have a decent-sized mirpeset. Sturdy, because we have paychecks that can buy metal poles. And fun, because I did a search for ‘sukkot’ on Google Images…

  • The five senses of Sukkot.

    Sukkot gets a bad rap.¬† It’s tough because it comes right after the High Holies of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, so people get sick of the physical aspects of the season, eating feasts and lying low. But Sukkot has so much to it; the holiday is part of the Shalosh Regalim (three pilgrimage festivals).…