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Snow in Tzur Hadassah: Who said this isn’t Switzerland? [PHOTOS]

There’s this inside joke here… sometime a couple years ago they started hanging hopeful signs around garbage points in Tzur Hadassah: If no one made it dirty, this could be like Switzerland.  After four days of heavy snow, warm clothes, sledding, and beautiful views… Well, I’d have to say we came pretty freakin close for […]

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Set your aspirations high…

…and your expectations low. Spotted in Tzur Hadassah: an effort to be funny and effective! Stickers adorning the public garbage cans, with the following message: אם כל אחד לא ילכלך, יהיה פה נקי כמו בשוויץ If everyone wouldn’t make a mess, it could be clean here like in Switzerland. Nice touch, Va’ad Tzur Hadassah! Seriously. Now, […]

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Zurich Airport is child-friendly.

We flew back to Israel last week as a family; no solo parenting flights from hell this time. Phew is exactly right. It also helped that our stopover in Zurich was an absolute pleasure. I haven’t flown cross-Atlantic with a stopover in 8 or 9 years (and that was my Lufthansa-Frankfort story, which is inappropriate […]