Co-op drama in Park Slope: Daily Show has it covered.

I left America to avoid places like Park Slope. So I’ve been hearing bits and pieces of the local Brooklyn grocery co-op drama, where half the members wanted to ban Israeli products and the other half were protesting.

Decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict? The most ravaged, tragic victims were in Park Slope Brooklyn all along…

Of course, The Daily Show covers the story, so watch Co-Occupation with Samantha Bee. I post this despite being a teeny bit embarrassed.

(In fairness, activism is important all over the world when you want your cause to go global. And as a former activist in the States, I know what it means to be on the ground there defending and protecting something – a people, an ideology, a place that means so much to you. But I dunno. Maybe because I live here now, it just seems so trivial.)

If only it were that simple, eh, Diplomacy?

It’s on my mind. Constantly. The fact that it’s nearly Purim and everyone wants to draw comparisons doesn’t help.

So I’ll let Jon Stewart take on the Iran-Israel-USA dance of doom: Words of Warcraft

(And, come on, he totally could’ve saved the erection slip-up by pointing out that it’s all the MEN and TESTASTERONE that is forcing us all into this corner…)