Tu B’Shvat in Tzur Hadassah: Pave a parking lot, put up paradise.

Yesterday, in the morning, walking through Tzur Hadassah, I noticed this:

And was all, WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Why you gotta touch my beloved valley? Why do we have to dig up the pretty parts of Tzur Hadassah we clearly don’t need for more housing or community centers? Why can’t we haz a little nature left over?

Why a week before Tu B’shvat?!

Yesterday, in the afternoon, I got this email from the Va’ad Tarbut of Tzur Hadassah:

ט”ו בשבט בצור הדסה – יום שישי , 25/1/2013

השנה יתקיים לראשונה בצור הדסה אירוע ט”ו בשבט בו יקחו חלק כל בתי הספר בישוב.

האירוע הוא לכבוד חנוכת “הפארק הנעלם” בו ינטעו מאות עצים ושיחים מקומיים אשר יצרו חורש טבעי מרהיב.

10:00 חנוכת “הפארק הנעלם” צור הדסה – תלמידי והורי בתי הספר בישוב נוטעים בוואדי

And was all, oooooooooh.

Bottom line: They cleared the area because the students of all Tzur Hadassah schools will come together on Friday to plant new trees in what will be called ‘HaPark HaNe’elam’ or Hidden Park. The trees and shrubs to be used are local varieties. After the damage we’ve done so far to the view, in building the new school/community area, it’s nice to see some natural payback. Reason #95245 to like Tzur Hadassah: community appreciation for nature and values-building for our students.

To be continued…

I ate the carob.

Remember going to Jewish day school in the States?

Remember Tu B’Shvat back then? You were kinda like, wtf is this? But we get to draw trees and make tissue paper flowers, ok. We sing happy birthday to nature and best of all, we get to take home a lil plastic baggie of dried fruit.

You’d open the bag with all your friends on the way out of school, or on the bus. Maybe it was even before that, we’d all do the bracha together.

Raisins, apricots, a couple nuts. And, oh right – carob.

This foreign, hard, weird thing. It’s all the way from Israel! they’d tell you. Uh huh. What do you want me to do with it?

Everyone would say ew or do you want mine? No one would eat it. No one.

I’d get home, show my mom the bag, put my books down. Then – my curiosity would get the best of me. And I would eat it.

Yes, I ate the carob.