I live here.

Loving the weather. On my walk today, I literally went off the beaten track and decided to do what I’ve been wanting to do for months. I turned into the valley here in Tzur Hadassah and walked through our local nature zone.
The grass is *spectacular* because of all the rain we’ve been getting. Lush, green, looks even… edible.
So dorky me is walking through the grassy mud, goofy and taking it all in, the sun in my face, the grass under my feet, loving it like a puppy…
…and then…
I hiked down the steep security road…
grazing in the grass
like magic.
Just needed a leprechaun and the Last Unicorn. Fantasy complete.

The creepiest thing about where I live.

Not many people know just how far my imagination goes or how morbid and crazy I can be. With that said, I would like to introduce you to one of the freakiest, creepiest things about Israel for me:

Emek Ha'ela Teleport

The teleport at Emek Ha’ela – a valley about five minutes outside of Beit Shemesh – completely creeps me out. I have driven past it three times now since moving to Tzur, on my way towards the south.

Giant man-made structures have always freaked me out – the Eiffel Tower, the World Trade Center, bridges of all kinds… And these so-called satellites are not only no exception, but possibly the worst I’ve ever encountered.

What do you mean, why? Alien transmissions are lasering at me while I drive past these freakishly giant structures. One day these things are going to start walking around. Doesn’t that bother anyone else?

There they are, just chilling without any warning… so close to where humans reside. Imagine living with that view, of the alien transmissions every day? Kill me.

There are the little baby ones next to the momma… *shudder*

A side-view. Nightmares coming true. Anyone see War of the Worlds?

I hate Steven Spielberg.