Ynet is the authority on Haredi weddings.

Ynet did it again. This isn’t the second time I’ve noticed the blatant anti-religious fervor that an Israeli newspaper is purposely trying to spread. This is the 328975623th time.

I used to actually enjoy reading Ynet. It was one of the central papers; sitting somewhere between JPost and Haaretz (in English, anyway).

Their credibility has completely been shot as in the last few years it has become repeatedly obvious that Ynet can’t control itself regarding its one-sided commentary on religious and haredi life.

Let me include a disclaimer: I’m no haredi, and I don’t look or act dati leumi. It doesn’t matter what I actually am. I’m a former newspaper reporter and I’m angry at this ridiculous, blatant, one-sided hatred pouring from Ynet’s pages.

This isn’t the best example; there are tons of others. I’m just tired. It’s this essay in Ynet about haredi weddings. Yes, it’s tongue-in-cheek. Yes, it ends in a positive light, if you get to the end and haven’t gotten bored and moved on before that. No, it is not indicated anywhere that it is meant to be humorous or satirical. It falls under the often-infuriating ‘Jewish Life’ column. Why not add a tag at the top that it’s meant to be humor? And why do your Jewish Life columns always focus on either a tiny out-of-context detail related to sections of haredi populations or poking fun at them without explaining truth?

Your audience is mostly secular, Ynet. Why fan flames of distrust, dislike and hatred on a weekly basis? Why not promote understanding, reporting the deeper stories about all kinds of demographics, the stories most Israelis on different sides don’t see?

Weddings and pregnancy: cans and can'ts.

I learned something new last night at the wedding of two friends. I’ve been to three weddings while pregnant. The last time I had been at a wedding was when I was about a month or so  pregnant and before that I was just post-pregnancy test. Last night I was eight months or so pregnant. These experiences have been completely different. 

First of all, it’s nice to actually enjoy the food. That is a plus at being this much pregnant at a wedding. Then again, at the early point of a week pregnant I could enjoy a guilt-free glass of white wine more easily than I would now. Either way, not being able to get alcohol-giddy at a wedding is something I miss.

Another pro to being late-stage pregnant is that people know you’re pregnant… In that first wedding, when I didn’t have the designated driver excuse, I had drinks shoved at me here and there. Fortunately my adrenaline kept me moving and covered up my sober state.  

Then there is this sad fact: heavily pregnant women can’t dance. Some do try and look terribley awkward for it (myself included). I just didn’t realize this to be the case until yesterday. I discovered that, despite carrying all in the front in a ‘compact belly’ as a midwife once called it, the baby package manages to get in the way (tip: dance on your partner’s feet).

I’m  not tired of being pregnant but I do miss dancing and drinking… I do miss enjoying a wedding to its fullest.