Fifty-Two Frames: 5PM

True story. Way back in the day, when I had my first full time job in Israel, and I was a part time student, living in a raggedy apartment with great friends... this is what I had to come home to. And now... you can't possibly beat now. Week 25: 5PM 5pm, circa 2008 BC... Continue Reading →

How can I not eat this?

I love coming home from work and unwinding with Koala for a few minutes. Or half an hour. Or hour. However it ends up any particular day. Today we played with trains. Unfortunately, Koala has a parent with a short attention span, which I suppose might be a genetic misfortune. So after the train was... Continue Reading →

Flying solo.

I'm scheduled to take a quickie business trip to New York this week - sans bebe and not pregnant, which makes it the first time that's happened in two years. Fun fact: I've taken 5 of those kinds of trips to the States since┬ásummer of 2008. Here is a list I compiled of all the... Continue Reading →

Question of the week.

Q: What's it like being back at the office? A: I feel like a freshman in high school. Everything is new; it's still school like middle school was, but it's bigger and more complicated. And there's more home-work. And I'm tired all the time from waking up at 6 am to get everyone out the... Continue Reading →

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