Fifty-Two Frames: Spirals

My own theme of this last year's writing course is untangling, de-coiling, unfolding myself to expose the insecurity, to face it, to poke it where it hurts, over and over. Now to climb back out of the spiral. Stand on the edge. Look further down the road. Week 22: Spirals Become unfurled. 

Fifty-Two Paragraphs

Sometimes, pretending to be an amateur photographer helps me be creative. In choosing a photo to submit for this week's Fifty-Two Frames, I asked my husband about a cheeky idea I had. "I think you're a writer, not a photographer." In other words, I seem to enjoy playing with the captions more than handling the... Continue Reading →

Wherein I flip the details.

Enjoyed today's 'Writing Gym,' especially the last exercise we did. As a group, we collaborated on a few details for a character, and then each wrote a scene involving her. The details were:  A woman in her 50s, named Dorothy, single From Omaha, Nebraska, currently in London, UK Some connection to being a born again... Continue Reading →

The fish, the shark and Passover.

When Gilad Shalit was 11, he wrote a short story called "When the Shark and the Fish First Met." Though it seems this was originally published and spread around in 2008, I only came across it now via Facebook shares. It resonates with me because I did a lot of short story writing when I was... Continue Reading →

That’s a lot of Keret.

Have I mentioned that I totally dig Etgar Keret? In college I took a creative writing class that focused on 'short short stories.' Like, really short. Micro short. Blogger short. Ever since reading The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God I realized that this guy was doing what I wanted to be doing with... Continue Reading →

Pediatric memory.

This is what I completed from the Memoir Writing class I not-so-recently finished. I'm not sure if it's complete yet. The pleather cushioning of the examination counter-tops in the patient rooms still call to me as an inviting yet risky place for a sick kid to sit. Carrying my infant son from the reception area... Continue Reading →

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