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  • Kaddish everywhere.

    Kaddish everywhere.

    “It’s different this year. Every year it’s sad, but this year, it feels different, like, I get it now, you know?” From the mouths of Israeli teens. I’m 41. I’ve been never-forgetting my entire life. I saw these images and watched these videos and heard these testimonies from Holocaust survivors standing in front of me…

  • Maus and me.

    Maus and me.

    If you’re around my age, we never really had the opportunity to read Maus as young kids; at least I didn’t, I think it was too new or we were just already so exposed to meeting and being related to Holocaust survivors, it wasn’t so necessary. I started it recently; I read the second half…

  • Nightmares for a new generation

    Nightmares for a new generation

    I remember being younger than her and being squished on a bench in the school lunchroom/assembly room, hearing about the Holocaust for the first time.

  • Hammock for one.

    Hammock for one.

    It gets harder every year. Yom HaShoah. Yom HaZicaron. Every year the ticking accelerates. Every year I realize all over again how important it is to not take any of it for granted. Every hug, every cuddle. Every whispered secret. Every question. Every silent moment, holding hands. Feeling up-down-up-down of a tiny chest against my…

  • Answer any question, honestly.

    If we’re being cynical, the propaganda machine is running in full force at my house. If we’re being honest, I’m just trying to protect my offspring. If we’re being optimistic, the hope is knowledge will lead to creative, original and practical solutions. This Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, hit me hard. Harder than in years…

  • Questions I answer for my kids on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    “Those bad guys… ummm… what are they called again?” “Nazis.”

  • Local Holocaust remembrance in 2015 and beyond

    Local Holocaust remembrance in 2015 and beyond

    Since becoming a mom, everything has gotten harder to swallow. I don’t read the news as much. Especially local evening news from New York. I can’t stomach certain facts of life. And I’ve distanced myself from my cultural ties with Holocaust education and remembrance. Which is getting easier to do – less voices, more distance…

  • Speaking up.

    It won’t be long before Jewish parents of school-age children no longer remember the point. The memory becomes a faded square of yellow fabric, eventually disintegrating under museum lighting. The pictures, cliche. The speeches, routine. It’s probably already true to some degree, but most of us are young enough to remember the first time we…

  • dealing in Holocaust.

    here, it’s a different air.