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  • What happens after the last baby

    What happens after the last baby

    What happens after the last baby? Why is it so disarming? And why do so many of us go through it while feeling so alone?

  • It’s time to normalize pumping at work.

    I work full time, and there are days when I’m in back-to-back meetings all day. There’s never enough time to get my work done, because if I’m not at work, I’m picking up my kids and starting the second half of my day. And when that’s over, preparing for the next one. The reality is […]

  • Now I’m Mother Goose and Knesset MK Rachel Azaria gets it.

    Recently, I made a conscious decision to give up. It was a few weeks into my return from maternity leave, talking with younger mothers at work who were looking to me for answers. I didn’t really have many. I gave some tips, some words of advice. I thought, maybe I could just be the Mother […]

  • Next year in… your country.

    Something really extraordinary happened at work today. In startup world. In the center of Jerusalem. We had the pre-Passover הרמת כוסית, or company holiday toast. Our CEO spoke a few words, leading to how blown away he is by how the company is growing, both in team… and in the number of pregnant women. Then […]

  • Dear unborn baby.

    Dear unborn baby, I wanted to give you some reasons why I haven’t yet acknowledged you out loud or here or written you an encouraging letter about life on the outside or my hopes and dreams for you. Haven’t been reflecting, haven’t been meditating, haven’t been exploring. I wanted to do it elegantly, passionately, beautifully… […]

  • The pregnant working mother perseveres in the face of conf–erence.

    A little while ago, I was approached to speak at a marketing conference for end-of-February in the new Hub Etzion shared workspace. I was in the middle of other conference insanity, but January Liz was all like, shrug whatevs let’s do it so I agreed. Knowing fully that in another month I’d be presenting a […]

  • Meditation, procrastination, a hot cup of coffee: the birth of my third child

    Meditation, procrastination, a hot cup of coffee: the birth of my third child

    <The background on why we went to hospital instead of another home birth> For me, the key to labor, much like – spoiler alert – the key to early parenting, is to take each minute at a time. That is probably my number one piece of unsolicited advice to all procreational people. So I had […]

  • Israel home birth crackdown: Why we ended up in hospital instead of at home

    It’s amazing how many people have asked about this. Why I gave birth at a hospital, which I assume they are assuming based on photos. Here’s the background to my next update, about the birth itself. I didn’t want to downplay or fill with negativity the telling of the birth of my newest daughter. So […]

  • We’ll have to teach her to knock first.

    Nothing like making a life-beginning entrance in 3 hours. Baby girl came busting through just 25 minutes shy of midnight last night (March 22nd). Maybe she was hungry? Maybe she suddenly really had something to tell me? Was there something in my teeth? She weighed in at 2.98 kilograms – still waiting to crack the […]

  • I’m not ready. Here’s why. (Hint: it’s not the toilet paper)

    Finishing the kids’ Purim costumes. Keeping the car clean. Prepping mishloach manot in advance. Writing a letter to my kids. (Trying) to keep the sink empty. Refilling toilet paper. Just a few falsely empowering things I’ve been doing over the last week in case I have to leave everything behind to dash to the hospital. […]

  • A letter for two.

    Koala and Bebe, You know, I have this memory from when my second brother (your local uncle) was born. I was six months younger than you, Koala. I don’t remember much about my mama being pregnant – I’m sure you will though – but I do remember the mixed feelings at having my grandparents over, […]

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Self Protrait

    It’s a period when you’re never alone, your identity is not that of a single person. That makes it difficult to recognize yourself and be yourself – for a limited time. There is another soul inside you, and even your most intimate moments are shared. You’re not who you were and you’ll never be who […]