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  • Tzur Hadassah under snow part 2: OMG ISRAEL SNOWPOCALYPSE 2013 edition

    TWO memorable snowstorms in one year? Welcome to the Jerusalem Hills! It started on Thursday morning at around 7am… All eyes on Neve Daniel… When news arrives from Gush Etzion that snow has arrived, we know it’s only a matter of time. So no gan Thursday and it was quickly canceled in advance for Friday. […]

  • Kid-friendly volunteer opp in Jerusalem: Pantry Packers

    With a friend’s awesome initiative, a rag-tag group of Tzur Hadassah Anglos got together and made rice, not war. Yesterday a bunch of us young families got organized and volunteered as a group with Pantry Packers in Jerusalem (a food distribution project run by Colel Chabad). The highlight was to give our children a kid-friendly volunteer experience […]

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Cityscape

    I don’t have a lot of access to cities. Shocking, I know. And even though last week I found myself in four different municipalities, I couldn’t get my act together to get a good cityscape. So Tzur Hadassah’s other half, Har Kitron, will have to do. Week 42: Cityscape A drop of civilization hidden in […]

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Shoot from the Hip

    Living in a small town doesn’t afford me a lot of interesting, different, fun street photography opportunities, but we do have plenty of running here. Lots of running. Week 36: Shoot from the Hip You got it.

  • Try Tzur Hadassah for yourself: live band, standup comedy, good food & us locals

    Throughout the year, I get more than a few people emailing me: So what’s Tzur Hadassah like? Is it an evil settlement? Are there schools there? Wait, so is the mikvah controversy not over? Is it true Tzur Hadassah will become a part of Beitar Illit in 5 years? Is that empty store slated to be […]

  • It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Yeah, it’s a plane.

    Universe, if you know how liable I am to get distracted, why would you send low-flying planes buzzing past my window, across the street from my house… for two hours?! First, I was all, go go go WARPLANE! Then I was all, go go go FIREPLANE! Finally, I concluded, it’s really probably just go go […]

  • Tzur Hadassah update: New pool, new bus, new neighborhood, new park, and… Swiper.

    It’s been a while! Plenty to update on Tzur Hadassah. In no particular order, except for saving the weirdest for last… five bits of small town news: 1. THE Tzur Hadassah Pool You’re not a true Tzur Hadassian if you’re not already putting on your floaties in impatient anticipation for the new pool, possibly making […]

  • Because this is Israel and my neighbor is President Obama’s tow truck service

    Like I said… The truck that towed visiting President Obama’s limo today – the one accidentally filled with the wrong fuel and then broke down – happens to be the tow truck that calls its home my street, where my kid and his friends stand totally in awe of an enormous truck right before their eyes. Way […]

  • Tu B’Shvat in Tzur Hadassah: Pave a parking lot, put up paradise.

    Yesterday, in the morning, walking through Tzur Hadassah, I noticed this: And was all, WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Why you gotta touch my beloved valley? Why do we have to dig up the pretty parts of Tzur Hadassah we clearly don’t need for more housing or community centers? Why can’t we haz a little nature left over? Why […]

  • Israeli snow 2013: Tzur Hadassah makes for an adorable snow town.

    If you don’t live in or near the greater Jerusalem area, if you don’t follow a resident of aforementioned region on some sort of social media channel, then you’re one of the very few who didn’t hear that today was a two-decade record for snowfall and a very active snow day (across the Middle East, […]

  • Protest: Ramat Bet Shemesh expands, the environment pays the price.

    Apparently, this is the next big developmental overstepping/environmental boundary  issue in our corner of Matte Yehuda… This time featuring the ever-glamorous Ramat Bet Shemesh expansion. If you haven’t heard, Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel is a controversial funhouse and construction is already well underway. The projects are promising to expand even further (D and E!) and […]

  • We’re all about attachment parenting in Tzur Hadassah.

    A-parently, Tzur Hadassah has taken sides in the Mommy Wars. And it seems, according to the latest decor to adorn our giant rocks at the East gate… attachment parenting is the winner. Stam. We have all kinds of parenting styles here. Organic foodies. Maadan = yogurt types. Nurse till age 3. Nurse till age 6. Feed […]