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  • Palestinian chicken can save Israel.

    Or so believes Larry David. Hey, it’s worth a shot; nothing else has worked. [h/t sabraatheart]

  • Take your coffee with extra חחחחח.

    You know you’ve been here a while when you get all the jokes at a Jerusalem Anglo comedy show. Presenting… HaHaפuch! Tonight was the group’s opening night; you may have already heard it of it from such performances as Facebook and YouTube. How about a little description? Our comedy troupe provides the other side of Israeli life, the…

  • Hey everybody, look! Funny Arabs!

    Tonight we went to Off the Wall comedy club (apparently the only comedy club in Jerusalem) for their open mic, where my new favorite Arab-American comedians were performing. Unlike a Mideast peace conference, this was not disappointing! (budump-bump?) Ray Hanania (Palestinian-American) and Sherif Hedayat (Egyptian-American) have been running around Israel – along with a few…