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  • Israel medical aid in Japan. Also, please let go.

    Here’s a feel-good video from the IDF blog featuring the IDF medical team in Japan right now, helping in the damage zones. Apparently Israel’s medical team was the first foreign aid to set up a mobile hospital in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami. It’s really nice to see IDF footage shared in a positive […]

  • Home and away.

    There’s a lot to take in this motzei Shabbat… Catching up on the reality in Japan after Friday’s earthquake and tsunami disaster, and then reading about the horrific murders of two sleeping parents, two sleeping children and a sleeping newborn here, a few dozen kilometers from home, on Friday night. Natural disasters make me feel […]

  • What earthquake?

    Apparently everyone around me felt the earthquake that hit here in Jerusalem a few minutes ago. It’s probably just the tippy-end of a bigger one somewhere else, but I didn’t feel it either way. When I was 8 I slept through a California earthquake… so… yeah. UPDATE: Here are the details from Ynet – Earthquake […]