Tag: FAIL!

  • Fadichot leaking all over the place.

    Every other week or so when I pick up Koala from his gan, his ganenet passes me the pants I dressed him in that day and I look down and see him wearing the poofy red replacement pants we keep there. Always with the same explanation: “He leaked again so we changed him…” I guess…

  • Car seat FAIL.

    Aright, I know in Israel they are really into putting car seats in the front, but c’mon… #FAIL.

  • Window FAIL.

    Are the birds in Ashkelon turbo birds? What are the chances? Also, you can loosely translate the Hebrew to say: “…to prevent the entrance of Lords of the Wing.” Sorry.

  • Israeli FAIL!

    If you hang out on teh interwebs at all, you might know the FAIL! and you might know the FAIL! blog. Israel recently made it with the following photo: There are about 652907628569874 things I’d put in an Israel FAIL! photo before a policeman in a simulation, like Olmert’s political career, the Lebanon war, people…