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  • Sometimes it’s what you don’t say

    Like there isn’t enough… in what seems like one long endless day since Monday, a single period in a calendar that has been one long endless battle since the beginning of time… …is how fucking horrible Israeli comms handling has been. Between the IDF spokespeople and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This has been true […]

  • This is decades-bad.

    It’s bad. It’s bad on so many levels. Personally, we are ok in our area. A given Israeli’s frontline concerns depend on where exactly they are located. For us on this side, the very rare siren in the last 15 years is not much of an issue. That can’t be said for every corner of […]

  • The facts about Gaza that we’re not saying

    For the last few days I’ve had this lump in my throat, blocking me from saying something I feel but haven’t been able to articulate. Do you know what I feel when the window’s been shut, the door is locked, and I’ve sat down on the floor of our safe room? I feel incredibly lucky. […]

  • Not normal.

    It’s sadly a familiar feeling. Refreshing the news every hour and every hour thinking, ‘fuck.’

  • The fish, the shark and Passover.

    When Gilad Shalit was 11, he wrote a short story called “When the Shark and the Fish First Met.”¬†Though it seems this was originally published and spread around in 2008, I only came across it now via Facebook shares. It resonates with me because I did a lot of short story writing when I was […]

  • Drama of a dual citizen.

    A key element of being a dual citizen is the dual drama. I always get homesick with these bouts of New York City drama: Investigators believe all passengers and crew, more than 150 people, survive a plane crashing into New York’s Hudson River. I prefer NYC drama to the Israel brand these days… Report: Israel, […]

  • There's something worse than Israel?

    Here’s something you don’t see everyday: Ynet made me do a double-take with that one. But they really ought not to lie in journalism…

  • Hamoos? Haamas?

    I guess my Microsoft Word is an old version. It doesn’t have Hamas in the spellcheck dictionary.