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  • Fifty-Two Frames: Home

    Where I spent a bit too much time last week. Where I’m trying to get over this damn virus. Where I’m lucky to wake up every day. Week 48: Home Lived-in. 

  • Welcome home, Gilad Shalit, our brother soldier.

    There’s no doubt: this is bittersweet. Today we’re proud. We’re relieved. We’re emotional. We’re exhausted. Tomorrow we’re going to continue mourning. We’re going to be extra cautious. We’re going to be angry. We’re going to feel even more pain. Today we can be mothers of lost soldiers. Mothers waking up from a nightmare. Tomorrow we’ll…

  • What could have been.

    Being back ‘home’ is always a pleasure. After almost seven years, the bad has faded away, and the good nostalgia remains. The hometown is glorified, the old friends still taste fresh in a few quick bites. It allows the pangs for what could have been to creep to the top. What could have been if…