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Yeah, this still happens.

I was driving through the entrance of Beitar today. Ahead of me was the shiny white glow of the expansive charedi town, speckled with black movement. Behind me, in my rear view mirror, I could see the remnants of the sun facing Husan, highlighted by the giant minaret cracking the sky. And I thought, what the […]

driving me crazy tzur hadassah

Slice of the Tzur Hadassah commute, minharot style.

Driving home to Tzur Hadassah through the minharot (tunnels) is not always peaches. On our way home today, passing Husan, Beitar and Wadi Fukin, we found soldiers everywhere, cracking down, probably on the hunt for someone specific from a tip-off. We were greeted by this right as we were getting to the machsom (checkpoint), literally […]