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  • Why we need women’s empowerment programs at work

    Why we need women’s empowerment programs at work

    One time, I was doing the dishes, but for some reason I didn’t kick away the pink stool my kids use to reach the faucet; I stood on it. My posture was different. My angle was different. My perspective was different. And then my huz walked in, who’s 6′ to my 5’3, and as I…

  • Happy International Women’s Day to me.

    Here’s how I found out today is International Women’s Day: My classy huz. And I suppose I was in a celebratory mood since all I ate before noon was a yogurt mixed with Fiber 1, which the marketing world tells me is the most feminine thing I can do. Girls be regular, amirite? For some reason…

  • Happy International Women’s Day from Hadassah Ein Kerem.

    On an unplanned visit to Hadassah Ein Kerem’s labor ward, I was reminded of the significance of today, International Women’s Day for laborin’ women everywhere. They were very adamant I got one of these. And so I share: Note: I did no laboring myself. Thank god.