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Hammock for one.

It gets harder every year. Yom HaShoah. Yom HaZicaron. Every year the ticking accelerates. Every year I realize all over again how important it is to not take any of it for granted. Every hug, every cuddle. Every whispered secret. Every question. Every silent moment, holding hands. Feeling up-down-up-down of a tiny chest against my […]

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No better Israel education than the one from your sabra kids

Things I love about Independence Day season in Israel: Every year – without fail – I manage to learn something new from my kids. This morning, all dressed up for the gan celebration, on the way to the car, my gan-aged kids broke out into song together. I asked them to teach it to me. […]

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It’s over. Everything is over and my kids have won. Now go read my electric bill.

Native children ahad, Immigrant mother, efes.

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Israeli children and artistic expression: A war story in pictures

Note: We did not ask our five-year-old to draw anything. We didn’t know what he had been up to when at around 7 this morning he came up to us holding a picture he drew. Turns out, it’s not a story about a disabled boy who has divorced parents. “Why are there two houses?” “One […]

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An Israeli lullaby.

Sleep soundly, children of Israel, for who knows how long before your innocence is lost.

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Life in Israel: boys will be boys in flower crowns

Israeli kindergartens love crowns. This is the first year I’ve been personally exposed to the Israeli flower garland thing. In Hebrew, זר. Kids in gan and early elementary school wear these pixie crowns for birthdays, celebrations, ceremonies. Naturally, the Shavuot chagiga in gan is one of them, and between his gan birthday and this, Koala’s now […]


Israeli Children’s Book of the Day: Box Edition.

Brought to you by one of my Hebrew favorites, הבית של יעל.

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You know you’re a successful immigrant parent in Israel when…

Are you an Israeli who grew up on the classics in Hebrew kids’ books? Did Ora Eyal draw your story time and color your imagination? Alternatively, are you an immigrant parent in Israel, reading your bilingual kid the classics? Loved this Eretz Nehederet clip from last season, where they reunite the now f-d up adult […]