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  • On the sixth day…

    And on the sixth day, man… And on the seventh, they rested (sort of). Our baby girl was born in our home this past Friday, just in time for Shabbat. The labor took less than a third the time it took with Koala, and she beats her brother by 150 grams at 2.85 kilos – and […]

  • Happy International Women’s Day from Hadassah Ein Kerem.

    On an unplanned visit to Hadassah Ein Kerem’s labor ward, I was reminded of the significance of today, International Women’s Day for laborin’ women everywhere. They were very adamant I got one of these. And so I share: Note: I did no laboring myself. Thank god.

  • An unlikely metaphor.

    Sometimes it’s hard to imagine something you’ve never done before. I imagine this impending adventure… to be similar to a bad trip I had many years ago.  A friend and I were spending a few days in Amsterdam. These were college years, so you can imagine what we were doing. The evening before we were […]

  • Homebirth in Israel.

    UPDATE (April 2011): After this post was written, down the road, for my second child, we did a home birth in our apartment in Tzur Hadassah. I’ve got more info on the subject now from firsthand experience and am happy to share: My home birth story: Israel, Tzur Hadassah, apartment, bedroom. Registering your newborn after […]