We did the impossible. Or at least, the impossible when you're immigrants here alone, without close family, and then your mother-in-law comes to stay and offers to watch the kids while you go away overnight. And that's what we did. We kept it simple: a night in a hotel in Jerusalem, a trip to town,... Continue Reading →

We’re doing something right.

Koala spots the new set of Dora's family members on the shelf. He asks me, "who dat?" "It's Dora's ima and abba." He takes the two plastic parents and puts them up against each other. "Ima... Abba... chibuki!"

Two mothers.

My mother is a split personality. As long as I've known her, this has been the case. She can speak two languages fluently: her mother tongue, English, a language that rolls off her tongue like rain dripping down a car window in the summer; and Hebrew, a language she has been tripping over since they... Continue Reading →

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