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  • Dear unborn baby.

    Dear unborn baby, I wanted to give you some reasons why I haven’t yet acknowledged you out loud or here or written you an encouraging letter about life on the outside or my hopes and dreams for you. Haven’t been reflecting, haven’t been meditating, haven’t been exploring. I wanted to do it elegantly, passionately, beautifully… […]

  • We’ll have to teach her to knock first.

    Nothing like making a life-beginning entrance in 3 hours. Baby girl came busting through just 25 minutes shy of midnight last night (March 22nd). Maybe she was hungry? Maybe she suddenly really had something to tell me? Was there something in my teeth? She weighed in at 2.98 kilograms – still waiting to crack the […]

  • I’m not ready. Here’s why. (Hint: it’s not the toilet paper)

    Finishing the kids’ Purim costumes. Keeping the car clean. Prepping mishloach manot in advance. Writing a letter to my kids. (Trying) to keep the sink empty. Refilling toilet paper. Just a few falsely empowering things I’ve been doing over the last week in case I have to leave everything behind to dash to the hospital. […]

  • lizrael update: 4 facts till I reunite with coherent thought

    Happy March! Since it’s been quiet around here, I’ve provided a few quick facts: Fifty-Two Frames isn’t the only thing going on in my life, but I have felt uncharacteristically quiet for a long while now. I haven’t been working since beginning of February. More on that another time. Sometime in the next few weeks […]

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Self Protrait

    It’s a period when you’re never alone, your identity is not that of a single person. That makes it difficult to recognize yourself and be yourself – for a limited time. There is another soul inside you, and even your most intimate moments are shared. You’re not who you were and you’ll never be who […]

  • Kids and reproductive biology 101: bellies, babies, birth and boobs.

    Brought to you by the letter… Science. I have an open policy on Q&A with my kids. If they’re aware enough to ask it, they’re aware enough to get a viable answer. So now that the four B’s – belly, babies, birth, boobs – are major everyday topics around here, I’ve had plenty of opportunity […]

  • Driving in Israel meets the belly card.

    Driving to gan pickup last week, I officially became that person. The person who looks down for a split second and looks back up to realize you’re a microsecond from hitting the stopped car in front of you. The person who, despite braking, hits the car in front of you. I’ve been here nearly nine […]

  • Something to tell you…

    Something to tell you…

    For months I wanted to tell them. “Get into bed guys, and I’ll tell you a סוד.” Especially Koala. I so enjoy sharing secrets with him… trivial whispers or major life developments. They stood at the edge of Bebe’s bed; she was nearly collapsed from exhaustion. “You know how some of our friends had babies […]

  • We’ve come a long way, baby.

    Hey, littler one. My midwife says you’re ready to roll. Or squeeze yourself out of my body, whatever. She also says I’m ready. So I guess that means this is it, huh? Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to meeting you. So is your big brother, though I apologize in advance if things are […]

  • Attention, please.

    I’m 7 months into this pregnancy, and I have to be honest – I haven’t, and really can’t, give it the same attention I gave the first. How can I? On top of all the other things that go on in daily life, I have a toddler at home. A toddler who is used to […]

  • Signs of second life.

    Differences between first and second pregnancy: You’re fatter, earlier. You know too much. There’s already a kid in the picture, sucking up your time and energy (and probably your vitamin-intake, too). A lot of second-time jokes (Double the fun! Back for more? Double trouble!) For some reason I can’t pinpoint, it’s harder announcing it this […]

  • So, your wife is pregnant…

    A few weeks ago I noticed an advertisement at a Jerusalem cafe and I had to share: The ad is for a campaign by Clalit health insurance: ReadyDaddy.co.il – ‘because men aren’t born ready.’ Note: And women are?! It’s a cute if not cliche idea; as we can all see, it’s based on the stereotype […]