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  • On the sixth day…

    And on the sixth day, man… And on the seventh, they rested (sort of). Our baby girl was born in our home this past Friday, just in time for Shabbat. The labor took less than a third the time it took with Koala, and she beats her brother by 150 grams at 2.85 kilos – and […]

  • Today's word: שנאת חינם

    Here’s a backup to my last post in case it wasn’t enough to get my point across. I proudly observe my own brand of Jewishness – and consider it great, holy and everything else – if my alternative for spiritual ‘climbing’ is this: U.S. immigrant beaten up in ‘pogrom’ by ultra-Orthodox gang “An American immigrant […]

  • Aliyah reason #213: Shabbat leftovers.

    Reason #213 to make aliyah: When you work in an all-Jewish company, lunchtime on Sundays smells (and tastes!) like Shabbat all over again. Although – shhh – I’d take Sunday off in a heart beat.

  • Sephardi synanogues of Katamonim.

    Something I’m going to miss about my little Jerusalem hometown of Katamonim are the amazing Sephardi beitay knesset that pepper the streets: Most of the residents in this neighborhood are some strain of Mizrachi, mainly Kurdish, Bucharian, Moroccan or Yemenite. The synagogues carpeted and fluorescently lit, reflect that. I feel 100% comfortable attending services at […]

  • Making the next move.

    We spent the weekend as a pilot trip in Tzur Hadassah, a small yishuv right next to Beitar and Gush Etzion. It’s 15 minutes from Jerusalem (without traffic) and it’s the kind of cozy, neighborly community that a young, childless married couple uses to kick off into becoming an experienced, childbearing married couple. Tzur Hadassah […]