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  • Snow responsibly: Extreme Weather Guide for Israelis 2015

    It’s (become) the most wonderful time of the year: snow in Israel! Going strong three years in a row (thanks, climate oddities). Predictions are that the coming snowstorm this Wednesday will be pretty intense, though possibly less than last year. So, yeah, my kids totally think ‘mageya la’hem’ snow. Can’t blame them. Nothing makes me prouder […]

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Shadows

    Week 50: Shadows Making an impression. 

  • Snow in Tzur Hadassah: Who said this isn’t Switzerland? [PHOTOS]

    There’s this inside joke here… sometime a couple years ago they started hanging hopeful signs around garbage points in Tzur Hadassah: If no one made it dirty, this could be like Switzerland.  After four days of heavy snow, warm clothes, sledding, and beautiful views… Well, I’d have to say we came pretty freakin close for […]

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Break the Rules

    Kinda like the side of the highway, where I walk in the mornings and find leftover snow to step in, for just a second, while no one’s watching – my 52 Frames photo this week is one last photographic taste of the good white stuff. Except more like street-lit at nighttime yellowish stuff. I debated […]