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  • Mighty Morphin Silly Newspaper.

    [This post is dedicated to my brothers. And terrible journalism]. Why this is an article in Ynet is beyond me. But, then again, there’s Ynet for ya. The breaking news: This past summer, the popular Power Rangers have returned to Israeli television screens.   They’ve entered their 18th season, making it an intergenerational show, a…

  • There’s a remote for that.

    A sympathizing coworker brought me this remote control from England. Hmm… the country of mean TV nanny reality shows needs a remote to control their brats? So that must be the secret. For now, it seems the ‘Say thank you’ button will be the most rubbed out. Can’t wait for ‘Kiss granny’ though… (karma, Mom).

  • What Jewish TV taught me tonight.

    Tonight was the first taping of Tuesday Night Live, “the first Israel-based Jewish TV show broadcast around the globe.” I suppose I was curious about what all that meant (being aware that it is run by Ohr Olam and produced by Arutz Sheva). When we arrived and I got a pamphlet, it became clearer what…