Mighty Morphin Silly Newspaper.

[This post is dedicated to my brothers. And terrible journalism]. Why this is an article in Ynet is beyond me. But, then again, there's Ynet for ya. The breaking news: This past summer, the popular Power Rangers have returned to Israeli television screens.   They've entered their 18th season, making it an intergenerational show, a... Continue Reading →

Ynet is the authority on Haredi weddings.

Ynet did it again. This isn't the second time I've noticed the blatant anti-religious fervor that an Israeli newspaper is purposely trying to spread. This is the 328975623th time. I used to actually enjoy reading Ynet. It was one of the central papers; sitting somewhere between JPost and Haaretz (in English, anyway). Their credibility has... Continue Reading →

Fanning hatred on the 9th of Av.

Can someone explain to me how publishing an article about which Israeli demographic hates which other Israeli demographic is supposed to be appropriate for Tisha B'Av? Why so negative, Ynet? Why stir the pot of hatred and conflict and darkness? As a Jew who studied for years and years about Jewish history, as a student... Continue Reading →

Ynet resourcefulness.

Does anyone else find it funny that Ynet used very little resourcefulness to fill in an appropriate stock photo for this article, under which they captioned it, 'Resourcefulness'?

Ynet thinks it's Monday.

I'm working really hard to get through this busy week and come out the other end at Purim, and Ynet is trying to hold me back: C'mon guys. It's March 18th, Tuesday. I busted my chops to get here, and I'll be damned if you try and take me back to yesterday.

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