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  • Zooey update: seventeen months

    We’ve been waiting for you to join us, and you’re finally having your Neil Armstrong moment. One small step, Zooey, is another month until you’ll be racing after us? Hello! Hello? Hello. Waving or saying it or pretending to talk on the phone. Mostly pretending to be talking on the phone. Talking on anything but a […]

  • Zooey update: sixteen months

    Summer, full-time This is the first time in eight years we haven’t gone abroad to visit extended family for part of August. I feel a little bad, as you’d get a bunch of spoiling, but we did travel in May, your grandpa has come for a week, and you have been abroad three times in […]

  • Zooey update: fifteen months

    We can hear you… your language is taking better shape… whether it’s your soft babble or your ‘dis’ or your just-barely ’emma’. We hear you, Zooey. We’re listening. Or maybe it’s your language in movement… your little sideways waves. Or maybe it’s your attempt at major movement – trying to walk. Taking steps to taking […]

  • Zoey update: fourteen months

    Sisters. You have a couple. And one sings you sweet songs and strokes your chubba arms and gives you kisses. And the other kinda tortures you. …and then she sings you sweet songs and strokes your chubba arms and gives you kisses. And while you’re not being entertained by your siblings’ madness, you’re learning to entertain […]

  • Zooey update: thirteen months

    Let’s hear it for the world-traveling babies! The babies who try new things! The babies who aren’t afraid to fly! (Literally!) The worldly babies who won’t wait around, will grab your plate, will have what they’re having. The babies who climb up the stone stairs when you’re not paying attention, when your back is turned […]

  • Zooey update: twelve months

    Don’t we know it, Zooey. It’s not easy snagging attention around here. I guess you have a hometown advantage of being the easiest to carry on my back. Just a bunch of koalas after all. It’s not hard to believe a year has gone by – it’s been such a packed year, what with me […]

  • Zooey update: eleven months

    (See? I told you I’d be up in your face making you crazy-laugh again…) The sun and warmth and faint smell of spring have started to creep up around us and so your winter sniffles and spotty sleep schedule have started to melt away. Literally, right now, we’re on the floor together, you’re up on […]

  • Zooey update: ten months

    There are months when I take a million and a half pictures of you, where I’m up in your face covering you in kisses, where I tickle torture you until you snort. Zooey this was not one of those months because there’s so much going on. But I’ve missed you during late nights at work […]

  • Zooey update: nine months

    On the one hand, you make your opinions known. My baby ate my homework. On the other hand, you have to constantly watch your back. Good sport. And that’s a lesson in how to survive in your family of six.

  • Zooey update: eight months

    Durable. Is that a weird way to describe you?  Persistent. Attentive. Problem-solving. You’re proving more by the day that you can keep up, especially with Nettles. The thought of the pair of you… well… makes me realize I’m going to need to up my game. In the meantime… stay innocently curious, deliciously cute, with that […]

  • Zooey update: seven months

    Zooey, No joke – you’ve made it clear. You may be four, but you’ve given me a run for my money. This doesn’t get easier just because you’ve done something similar before. Going back to work has been extremely difficult – that has always been the case – but your refusal to take a bottle […]

  • Zooey update: six months

    Even after three other kids… Even after seven years of parenting… Even after hundreds, if not thousands, of sleepless nights… It just goes to show you can still be taught. Zooey, every day that you move, grab, scoot, reach, crawl as quickly as you can, clinging to the idea that you can keep up with […]