hold tight

everday, you’re life is in someone else’s hands.

actually, millions of hands – your bus drivers’, the drivers cruising around you, the subway handlers’, the traffic light programmers – for starters. it’s a rough and delicate balance that we don’t much think about – maybe because it’s so big and vast – are we supposed to become paranoid?

in a place where our lives are in so many other hands at a constant rate, why not grasp onto every aspect that we can control our own lives to the fullest? you can’t control the express bus that morning, but you can control smiling at the driver as you get on (who’s steering your soul for the next 90 minutes). and you can make room in your row of seats for the man coming on the next stop (maybe he’ll be humming then while he’s stirring your iced coffee later on, or maybe he’ll be paying attention when adjusting your tax estimates).

if we all took control of our lives in all and any aspect that we can, we could really weave a tighter net in the greater expanse of human interconnectedness. since, in some capacity, we are holding the lives or being held by others, we all have a stake – a valuable one.

let’s take this and drive safely – and hold tight.






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