sign at the X to sell your soul

“yo, what’s your deal?”

“what? i don’t really have a deal; i just don’t have anything anymore, for her, you know?”

“but what changed that?”

—what changed that? do you wanna go through all of that?—

“she’s been doing what she’s been willing for the past few months; i made no sound about it, i infringed on no one’s rights. i wasn’t going to make her choose – c’mon, how high school is that? i wasn’t going to make her choose between me and the others. so i sat back. she did what she wanted to do, and so she got what she wanted. she paid a price, and she got what she paid for.”

—that and some fringe benefits i wasn’t counting on—

“but you never told her what she was getting – you never told her what the price was – you never explained her that there was a psycho-sub conscious transaction going on between you two!?”

“you’re right. i never told her a lot of things. i never told her how i felt about all the shit that went down. i never told her that i loved her but i can’t for the life of me explain why, after all the fucked up knives in my back. i never told her i was really fuming inside, i never told her how betrayed i felt. i never once told her what actions to take. i never told her there’d be a price to pay.”

—yeah, i never told her. that’s my deal. that’s how much i loved her—






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