old school

So I wonder sometimes about where all this Israel stuff comes from anyways.

This is from circa 5 years ago?


‘Jerusalem, your holy city,’

It was when I sang those words that my eyes gave way to tears. How odd, I thought, why at these words? I realized why. Next year most of my friends and classmates will be living in Israel; learning Jewish studies, living Israeli life, and in a way, putting off reality for another year.

It all goes beyond the fact that I’m upset my friends won’t be around, and that jealousy sits in my heart. It came to me, singing this Hebrew song about the ancient land of Israel and the yearning for our return to Jerusalem. Israel is more than just the place young Jewish students go to learn for an extra year. The reason why I was touched by these words was not only because I wouldn’t be in Jerusalem next year – but that I’m not there now.

I’ve been to Israel once – when I was 12, visiting famous cities and touring ancient site. Even then, I appreciated so much what Israel means to our people, what Israel meant to our people. I took steps in places my forefathers took as they avoided idolatry, were sold into slavery and built the Holy Temples. I saw the graves of men who wrote the books we’re reading today, who set the guidelines for how I live my life – hundreds of years later. If you slowly go back in time, starting with only 50 years ago when we regained the land, to the times of the prophets who spoke to God, and all the way back to Avraham, who proudly settled in a land based on faith, you can only begin to see why eighteen year old boys died in 1948, why the Jewish people are still around, and why they still hold hope close to their ever-beating hearts: the Jewish people are Israel, Israel is me.

Next year, I wouldn’t be in Jerusalem. But Israel would be mine.



Well, at least me and Avraham still have something in common.






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