Dear George

Dear President Bush,

I thought I’d extend my vote into more of an explanation:

Just because you managed to pull one or two more electoral score points does not mean America has spoken. It means 50% of America has spoken, and many, maybe 20%-30%, reluctantly at that. In fact, 100% of America has spoken, but you aren’t listening to at least 50% of them. So I hope you do not think you are backed by 100% of America at this time; it is, by electoral college standards, a little over 50%, and in fact, as I previously noted, it is far less than that, who, despite casting a vote in your favor, actually agree with you in a complete sense – perhaps, say, they agree with you 10% or perhaps they only voted for you for your charming smile and 0% of your politics.

Fuzzy math? Yes. But you did go Ivy league, right?

George – may I call you that? George – I sincerely wish you luck in overcoming the hurdles in your path (old fat white men can be hard to jump over) and hopefully you will see the perverbial ‘light’. That’s figurative speech, George, not God’s word.

Keep up the charming smile. Dazzle those terrorists.







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