Aliyah, stage 1.

hiya A,

…had an interesting convo with my mom today. she’s afraid that i’m not moving enough, not being productive enough, and i’ll hate this and come home. did i say afraid? ha, possibly hoping. well, she wants me to be ‘happy’. she is rooting for me, in the sense that i find what i want to find out of all this. and u know, as hard for me to understand as it is, no one is happy after moving to a new place not knowing anyone within 7-8 months… people here are lucky to find jobs they like after 2 years, and we all left our best friends behind… so i guess that’s the way it is… i’m allowed to feel lonely and pointless and unproductive, maybe it’s part of the process… i dunno…
i’m not alone, that’s the thing – u know when billy says:

“they’re sharing a drink they call lonliness… but its better than drinking alone…”

that’s what it is. that’s aliyah, stage 1. for me, and the people i’m sharing the drink with at least.






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