Keepsakes from the mother-land.

Mother writes me today about some antiques she has found in the house and would like to know if I’d be interested in having them one day. My reply:

“…I think that is stuff I would like later on when I have a more permanent living/life situation and want things from the ‘old country’ to show off.

On a somewhat side note, I’ve realized not to be ashamed of being American because my American experience is a personal one, and so I have my own story to tell. When people get to know me, they get to know me as this one American’s story (I think). Removing me from the obvious setting (America) has made my own Americanness special to me.

I thought of that because if I’m still here (in Israel) later on, I’ll want to show off any remnants of origins, America, my American parents and heritage that I have and will always have.”






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