Hi H,

How are you? I hope your aliyah is going smooth…

Yeah, I’m taking the course, I started this year. So far, I’m in love with the topic of mediation, conflict management, etc… The program at Bar Ilan itself is structured well although still new and thus, still growing… but basically they approach it the first year with required courses coming from political, sociological, historical, legal perspectives… and a seminar every other week with guest speakers from around the country for a bit of a realistic veiw… The readings and certain classes have benefited me the most… I’ll say some of the professors seem a bit indifferent in general, but that’s just professors I think.

Hebrew U also has a newish conflict resolution masters program, although I have heard that Hebrew U administration is very snotty and you need GREs, I’m 99% sure… whereas for Bar Ilan you don’t…

Also, I’ll warn you – Israeli uni is very very different than Anglo uni… I mean, it was an academic culture shock for me starting out… Deadlines are fuzzy, everyone is laid back, everyone has their own lives and their primary focus is not university… I dunno what you are like, but coming from typical American university, this has been the weirest thing to swallow since coming to Israel…

Well, I don’t know what else you want to know, but please feel free to ask me. I was in your position only last year and I wish I had someone I could have spoken to about this stuff.


Just plane frightening.

On the way home, 3 hours into the flight, the plane hit some kind of turbulence and started shaking. The shaking became noisy trembling that became violent rocking and after attempting to calm down the panicked woman next to me with purrs of “It’s ok” and petting her back, I looked around me and noticed people wide-eyed or shut-eyed, praying. I decided to focus on the seat in front of me and the only thought I could hear running through my mind, (prayer or not), was “Let me see Ronen again. Please let me see Ronen one more time. Let me see Ronen again…”

I don’t know what else to say but he and I must be doing something right.

We're all alright!

Spending these last two weeks in New York has given me a newfound appreciation for English as a Second Language. Moreso, a newfound patience for people who aren’t from around here but are trying hard to stay ala ‘breaking their teeth’ over English, a completely nonsensical language.

I just want to pull them aside and put my arms around them and whisper soothingly in their ears, “It’s alright… You’re doing great…”

But I would hate that, too. So thank you to the natives who stand, nod, and patiently listen to us stall and stutter.

Brain spasms.

So it’s not just with friends that things are all jumbled in my time away. It’s with family, extended family, close friends, distant friends, feelings, memories, dreams…

I need to either let go before it becomes too much or become superwoman who can exist in two places at once.

Honestly, knowing myself, it’s a toss up.

Bla (pt II)

One of the hardest, deepest casualties of moving away from your close friends from your hometown is the speed and harshness with which you are forced to realize how they don’t feel so close to you anymore. Maybe it’s something about being in the same place when you’ve moved away and still remember everything how it was when you left. That’s actually probably it.

Anyways, it has been a bit of an emotional time lately having to come to grips with this on top of everything else going on. What hurts most is the way I’m the only one who seems to notice it.

I want to go home.

Dress is more.

I found, what I guess is, my dream wedding dress in a magazine that a friend gave me. Then I found it again in another magazine. Then again in another.
Then for fun, I walked into the largest Macy’s in the world yesterday and went straight to their bridal floor (the 8th, mind you).

…And there, perched on a manequin, beautiful and radiant at the back of the room, was the dress.

How many girls get to actually try on their dream dress? (And who would have thought I would be one of those girls to have one?)

Well, I am and I did.

And then every single consultant and employee in the story came around the back, as I was standing on the platform with all the mirrors surrounding me, ‘angel’ veil atop my head, and told me that I was absolutely beautiful, that the dress had been made for me and my body.

And all I could do was politely say ‘thank you’ and wonder if that was enough reason to lower the price from $3,500 to $400…